Session TypeSession NumberSession Title
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS232021 Update to the Women’s Preventive Services Initiative (WPSI) Recommendations
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumYP012022 Young Physician Course: Work, Life, AND ACOG? How to Successfully Create the Balance
EdTalkET07ABCs of Liver Disorders Specific to Pregnancy
Endowed LectureEL12
The ABOG Educational Foundation Lectureship on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement: Telemedicine, Virtual Visits, and Artificial Intelligence in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS43Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: Effective Treatment Options to Improve Quality of Life
EdTalkET03Advancing Diversity and Equity in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS27Appraisal of Approaches to Menopausal Hormone Therapy Unapproved by the FDA
Endowed LectureEL08
The Benson and Pamela Harer Seminar on History: How To Do Better for Our Trans Patients and Providers
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS26Cardiac Conditions in Obstetrics:  Implementation of a Patient Safety Bundle
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS41Chronic Pelvic Pain: New Ways to Approach a Pervasive Problem
Surgical TutorialST05Clinical and Operative Management of Difficult Cesarean Deliveries
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS37Comprehensive Management of PCOS
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS30Contraception 2022 What Every Ob-Gyn Needs to Know
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS02COVID-19 and Pregnancy: The Evolution of a Pandemic
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS08
The Connie and Harry Jonas, MD Clinical Seminar: Applying A Diagnostic Safety Lens to Material Mortality Reduction Efforts
EdTalkET09Deploying Digital Innovation to Create More Equitable Maternal Health Care
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS44Disorders of the Vulva: Common Causes of Vulvar Pain, Burning, and Itching
Endowed LectureEL03
The Donald F. Richardson Memorial Lecture: The Future of Adnexal Mass Evaluation Has Arrived — O-RADS for Ultrasound
Endowed LectureEL02The Edith Louise Potter Memorial Lecture: Have We Arrived?
Surgical TutorialST04Endometriosis: Surgical Skills Primer
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS14Expanded Carrier Screening: The Goldilocks Conundrum
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS36Facilitating Values Clarification for Infertility Care
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS19Fact or Fiction? The Impact of COVID-19 Vaccines on Reproductive Health and Pregnancy
Film SessionFF01Film Festival
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS25First-Trimester Ultrasound: Time to Reset Our Expectations
Surgical TutorialST02Forceps: Antiquated Instrument or Critical Tool?
Endowed LectureEL13Gerald and Barbara Holzman: Stump the Professors
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS50
Green Journal Peer Review: Improve Your Peer Review Prowess with Tips From The Associate Editors Of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS22Hormonal Contraception and Lactation: Examine the Evidence, Reset Practices
Endowed LectureEL06The Hale Lecture: Making Sense of ASCCP Guidelines and Incorporating Them Into Your Practice!
Endowed LectureEL04The Howard Taylor International: Modeling to Mitigate COVID-19 in a Large US City
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS16I Saw It on Social Media: How to Meet Patients Where They Are
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS31Implementing a Health Disparity Index in Your Gynecology Practice
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS11Improving Patient-Centered Care Through Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinics
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS34In-Depth Assessment of the 2021 CDC STI Treatment Guidelines
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS13Interdisciplinary Care for the Cesarean Scar Pregnancy: Placenta Accreta Spectrum
Endowed LectureEL07The Irvin M. Cushner Memorial Lecture: Impact of Legislative Changes on Access to Abortion
Endowed LectureEL09
The John and Marney Mathers Lecture: A Race-Conscious Approach to Investigation and Intervention of Endometrial Cancer Inequity
What’s New in 2022 Subspecialty UpdatesSS01
The John E. Buster, MD, Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility Session – What’s New in 2022 from ASRM: The Application of Anti-Müllerian Hormone Testing
Endowed LectureEL01
The John I. Brewer Memorial Lecture: Updates on Surgical Approach in Early Cervical Cancer: Impact of Prospective Data on Patterns of Practice
What’s New in 2022 Subspecialty UpdatesSS04
The Kathryn M. and Thomas F. Purdon, MD, Academic Specialist Session – What’s New in 2022 from SASGOG:  Our Annual Booster Shot: Clinical Updates
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS51Late-Breaking Research in Obstetrics & Gynecology
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS40Let’s Meet in the Middle: Clinical Management of Moderate-Penetrance High-Risk Cancer Genes
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS15Leveraging Telehealth to Manage Hypertension and Prevent Readmissions in Postpartum Women
EdTalkET05The Latest Fertility Preservation Strategies
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS29The Latest in Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS33The Latest in Overactive Bladder Treatments
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS24
Managing Osteoporosis: ACOG’s New Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines to Prevent Fractures
Endowed LectureEL05March of Dimes Annual Lecture: Obstetric Equity – A Measure of Our Profession
EdTalkET08Misoprostol 1-2-3: The Essentials in Pregnancy Use by Trimester
Endowed LectureEL11
The Morton and Diane Stenchever Lecture: The Women’s Health Initiative — Controversy, Confusion, Consensus
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS07New Era of Headache Management in Pregnancy
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS09Novel Virtual Reality Application: Capstone to Maternal Mortality Reduction Project
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS01Nutrition Facts or Fiction: What We Should Have Learned in School
Surgical TutorialST06Operative Hysteroscopy: Tools for Success
EdTalkET04Optimizing Care for BRCA-Positive Patients
Oral PresentationOP01Oral Presentation I
Oral PresentationOP02Oral Presentation II
EdTalkET02Ovarian Reserve and Fertility Preservation: What You Need to Know
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS21Pain Management for Endometriosis
Surgical TutorialST03Pelvic Floor Injections for Chronic Pelvic Pain
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS20Perimenopause: Changes and Challenges
EdTalkET06Perinatal Mood Disorders: Prevention, Technology, and Naps
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS10Placenta Accreta Spectrum: Improving Outcomes with Medical and Surgical Management
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS39Privacy and Prenatal Genetic Data: What You, Your Patient, and Your Patient’s Fetus Need to Know
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS28Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Outcomes
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS06Recharging Sexual Health and Wellness for Women
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS05Redesigning Prenatal Care to Fit the Needs of our Patients
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS45Resetting Perspectives on Health Disparities: A Call to Action
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumGS01
The Samuel A. Cosgrove Memorial Lecture: The Impact of Climate Change and Environmental Factors on Health Disparities
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS03Rethinking the AUB Visit: A Patient-Centered Approach
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS12Screening for Pelvic Floor Myalgia During a Pelvic Exam
EdTalkET10Social Determinants of Health in Patients with Perinatal Substance Use Disorder
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS38Supporting the Lactation Goals of LGBTQIA+ Families
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS35Surgical Ergonomics: The Secret to Surgeon Longevity
EdTalkET01Technology and Obstetrics: How New Interventions Can Improve Perinatal Outcomes
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS42Things You Didn’t Learn in Residency: Updates in Perinatal Substance Use
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS17
Trading Spaces: How Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, and Family Medicine Are Treating The Climate Crisis
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS04Treating Chronic and Persistent Vaginitis
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS18
Treatment of Urogenital Symptoms in Individuals with a History of Estrogen-Dependent Breast Cancer
What’s New in 2022 Subspecialty UpdatesSS02What’s New in 2022 from AAGL:  Fibroid Management in 2022
What’s New in 2022 Subspecialty UpdatesSS05What’s New in 2022 from AUGS: Updates in Urogynecology
What’s New in 2022 Subspecialty UpdatesSS06What’s New in 2022 from NASPAG: Periods are Grievous
What’s New in 2022 Subspecialty UpdatesSS10What’s New in 2022 from SGO: Gynecologic Oncology Updates
What’s New in 2022 Subspecialty UpdatesSS09
What’s New in 2022 from SGS: Laparoscopic Robotic Hystrectomy – Something Old, Something New; Tried and True Transvaginal Hysterectomy + a few vNOTES
What’s New in 2022 Subspecialty UpdatesSS08What’s New in 2022 from SMFM: Management of the patient with abnormal NIPT results.
What’s New in 2022 Subspecialty UpdatesSS03
What’s New in 2022 from Society of Family Planning – Lessons from Complex Family Planning in Texas: Beyond the Exam Room
What’s New in 2022 Subspecialty UpdatesSS07What’s New in 2022 from SOGH: OB/GYN Hospital Medicine: The Next Ten Years
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumGS02Xavier Becerra, United States Secretary of Health and Human Services
Scientific and Clinical SymposiumSCS32The Zen Ob-Gyn — Finding Joy Amidst the Chaos